Purchase Order

Purchase order is a formal order request to buy from the purchaser to the vendor. It usually has following items:

  1. Purchaser name, address and GST details
  2. Vendor name, address and GST details
  3. List of products to buy with purchase price
  4. Grand total with taxes
  5. Terms of purchase like payment terms

You can easily create purchase orders in Plotch, either by bulk uploading the PSINs or manually choosing PSINs from the catalog. Before any purchase orders can be created, you need to ensure a proper catalog has been uploaded in plotch.

Below are detailed steps of creating a purchase order in plotch:

Bulk Mode:

  1. Go to Manage Purchase Order section
  2. Click Create Purchase Order
  3. Select the supply instance for which you are creating purchase order
  4. Select the vendor for whom this PO is being created
  5. Upload a excel sheet of PSINs for which PO is being created
  6. Click Upload PSINs
  7. Review the Purchase order and pricing

Updated 28 Mar 2021
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