Learn what is plotch and how it can help you in running your business

plotch is an AI driven ERP

ERPs are software products that are used in variety of businesses today. ERPs help businesses in managing business functions using a technology layer on top of internal processes and people. Various business functions include

  • Accounting

  • HR

  • Manufacturing

  • Warehousing

  • Logistics

  • Supply

  • Sales

  • Customer Management

Since there are a variety of business functions that an ERP has to support, they are usually very complex in architecture, very costly, require long and complex implementation support and requires lot of in house training. Because of these reasons, small businesses rarely use ERPs though they will benefit a lot from using systems which help them control their costs, increase revenue and give better transparency in their business.

Current ERPs are complex beasts. Almost everyone wants them but very few use them

plotch was created to help small businesses adopt ERPs as soon as they start their operations.

plotch has been designed for small businesses by making it super easy with Artificial Intelligence (AI)