Question: What is Plotch?

Answer: Plotch is an AI-driven ecommerce ERP for small businesses. Plotch is a fully focused technology platform driving automation using AI for online businesses and it caters to almost all needs of an eCommerce business. 

Question: What is an Ecommerce ERP?

Answer: Ecommerce ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software suite which helps in running and streamlining various business flows and also helps in detailed analysis of various key metrics using business raw data.

Question: Why would I need Plotch ERP?

Answer: If you are running an ecommerce business, you will need a lot of software tools (anywhere between 20-50 tools and integrations) to manage your business flow. These tools are inherently available in a non-cohesive way and they all need to be brought together through manual integrations.

This creates following challenges for ecommerce business owners:

a. They need to be aware of tools available in the ecommerce ecosystem.

b. They need to put a lot of effort to choose the best ones

b. They need to hire tech developers to integrate these tools on their websites or mobile apps

c. They need to pay for these tools in adhoc unplanned way

d. They can accidentally expose themselves to security risks

It is clear that Ecommerce needs stitching and Plotch does exactly that by bringing together all tools and integrations in a seamless way. Also Plotch puts an AI layer over all the processes and analytics to enable automation, growth and  exception handling.

In summary, if you are a business owner, this is the simplest and yet most powerful ecommerce software available for ecommerce operations.

Question: Can you share key features of Plotch?

Answer: Below are key features available in Plotch:

  • Mobile app Builder
  • Webstore Builder
  • Chatbot Builder
  • Whatsapp Shopping
  • Content Management
  • Facebook and Google Integrations
  • Firebase and Google Analytics
  • Courier Integrations
  • Payment Gateway Integrations
  • App Notifications
  • Marketplace Integrations
  • Customer Management
  • Ticket Management
  • Social Media Tools and Analytics
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Manufacturing Job Order
  • Point of Sale for Offline Store
  • Store Staff Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Catalog Management
  • Accounts Payable
  • Data room for Documents

Question: Do you support multiple currencies?

Answer: We currently only support Indian Rupees (INR) currency. We will soon launch Plotch for USD, CAD, Pound and SGD currencies

Question:. Do you support multiple timezones?

Answer: We support all time zones.

Question: Do you support multiple countries?

Answer: We currently only support India from a taxation perspective. We will soon launch Plotch for US, Canada, UK and Singapore

Question: Do you support multiple languages?

Answer: We currently only support English language. We will soon launch Plotch in multiple languages

Question: Is my data safe in Plotch? Answer: Security is utmost important for us and we take it very seriously. We website and web services are ssl protected and we use 128 bit encryption for all our critical data communication and storage

Question: How do I contact Plotch ERP support?

Answer: You can contact Plotch ERP support at following email address: support@plotch.ai

Question: Do you have video tutorials of Plotch?

Answer: Yes we have a lot of video tutorials available on youtube at this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFVQhcb0oKeLVc2qOad692g

Question: What is a Container in Plotch?

Answer: A container is a collection of modules wrapped

Question: Which Payment Gateways do you support currently in Plotch?

Answer: We currently support following Payment gateways in Plotch:

a. PayU

b. Razorpay

c. Paytm

d. Pinelabs

e. CCavenue

f. Cashfree

Question: Which couriers do you support currently in Plotch?

Answer: We currently support following courier partners in Plotch:

a. Delhivery

b. Ecom Express

c. Bluedart

d. Xpressbees


f. Gati

g. Rivigo

i. Wow Express

j. Fedex

Question: Is it FREE to register on Plotch?

Answer: Yes it is absolutely free to register on plotch and no credit card is required to register

Question: Do you give FREE trial period for new accounts?

Answer: Yes we are offering three month trial of all our modules so that you can experience and gauge the power of Plotch fully

Question: What is Inventory Management in Plotch?

Answer: Inventory management includes multiple activities and all are available in Plotch:

a. Raise a purchase order (PO) to a vendor/supplier

b. Create a logistics shipment for PO for pickup via a courier partner (We have integrations with Gati, Delhivery, Rivigo, Fedex, Ecom Express, Wow Express, DTDC and Bluedart)

c. Receive stock and issue GRN (Goods Receipt Note)

d. Transfer stock to another store or warehouse  and issue (STN)

e. Create a logistics shipment for STN

f. Return stock to vendor/supplier (RTV) and issue debit note 

g. Create a logistics shipment for RTV

h. Track logistics shipments of PO/STN/RTV

i. Bin management in warehouse

j. Pick and Put management of inventory on racks

j. Manage defective and non-sellable/consumable inventory

Updated 26 Mar 2021
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